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Oppai Haruhi Dance
S @ 1:55 pm October 16, 2009

My eyes can't stop looking. So far, She got two video. Here you go, Enjoy

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Ito Noizi’s work Part 1(18+)
S @ 10:15 pm October 15, 2009

I just love her art style so i just have to post more.

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S @ 3:04 pm

I wonder how it taste. It looks like regular pudding. Anyway, here a

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Japanese Man Bra
S @ 12:07 am

This isn't any new idea or news, but still!!!. They looked so uncomfort

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Did Ipod just got SEXed?
S @ 6:53 pm October 14, 2009

Ok, This was released on Oct 7th 2009. This lovely app for ipod touch/i

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Chu X Chu Walls
S @ 4:51 pm

I always like Ito Noizi's work. Some of her more famous work would be S

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To Te To Try On Walls
S @ 2:48 pm

To Te To Try On has some of the better looking artwork. This series is

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