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Oppai Haruhi Dance
S @ 1:55 pm October 16, 2009

My eyes can't stop looking. So far, She got two video. Here you go, Enjoy!! This other video is actually the same one but with comparison with th

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Ito Noizi’s work Part 1(18+)
S @ 10:15 pm October 15, 2009

I just love her art style so i just have to post more.

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S @ 3:04 pm

I wonder how it taste. It looks like regular pudding. Anyway, here a video from Youtube.

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Japanese Man Bra
S @ 12:07 am

This isn't any new idea or news, but still!!!. They looked so uncomfortable!!! And by the way, it says Must Have in Large font.

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Did Ipod just got SEXed?
S @ 6:53 pm October 14, 2009

Ok, This was released on Oct 7th 2009. This lovely app for ipod touch/iPhone actually measures how good you could perform the naughty stuff. YES,

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